Financial Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Genesis HealthCare's ticker symbol?
The ticker symbol on the NYSE is GEN.

Who is Genesis HealthCare’s Transfer Agent?
If you are a registered stockholder, questions and requests for assistance in connection with your Genesis common stock should be directed to EQ Shareowner Services at 800-468-9716. The local equivalent is (651) 450-4064. Shareowner Online is All other holders of Genesis common stock should contact their stock brokers.

Who is the CEO of Genesis HealthCare?
George Hager is the CEO of Genesis HealthCare. George has been CEO of Genesis since December, 2003 and has been in the industry for over 25 years.

Where is the corporate headquarters?
Genesis HealthCare's headquarters are in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

Where does Genesis operate?
Genesis HealthCare’s subsidiaries operate in more than 400 skilled nursing facilities and assisted living/senior living communities in 29 states. 

How many employees does Genesis employ?
Genesis and its subsidiaries have approximately 70,000 employees.

How many beds does Genesis operate?
Genesis subsidiaries operate approximately 50,000 beds.