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Dialysis Services Provided by Concerto Renal Services

West Chester, PA – April 18, 2022 – Brandywine Hall, a 180-bed skilled nursing facility affiliated with Genesis HealthCare, today announced that it opened an onsite Dialysis Center with dialysis services last week. In partnership with Concerto Renal Services, a Medicare certified dialysis provider with a national footprint and reputation for excellence in renal care, the clinic will provide even more comprehensive care to their patients.

Brandywine Hall’s Dialysis Center opened on Friday, April 15, 2022, and has six hemodialysis chairs that can operate up to 6-days weekly and accommodate up to 36 residents requiring dialysis.  Clinicians can also train patients and family for home dialysis. 

The benefits of onsite dialysis services are clear: 

  • Dialysis staff can work directly with Brandywine Hall’s full team to promote continuity of care;
  • Hours of transportation to off-site clinics are eliminated, allowing the most efficient use of time for rehabilitation and minimizing exposure to inclement weather;  
  • Patients can enjoy services in a home-like environment, with their own TVs with cable coverage, wireless internet, and a color printer for patients who bring their own laptop computers to treatments; and
  • Patients can transition back to local clinics once their inpatient services at Brandywine Hall are completed.

“Brandywine Hall is dedicated to ensuring all patients and residents have access to quality and convenient care,” explains Administrator Andrew Pile.  “Through our partnership with Concerto Renal Services, this new dialysis center secures a vital health resource for the Brandywine Hall community and our patients who rely on convenient renal services.”

"We are fortunate to partner with Brandywine Hall who shares our philosophy that the delivery of quality patient care is our most important objective,” states Shimmy Meystel, Concerto Chief Executive Officer.

“At Concerto, we recognize that onsite, quality dialysis services represent the best possible setting when the patient requires both dialysis and inpatient care,” added Meystel. “Why would a patient that requires dialysis treatments three times per week ever opt to be transported offsite, when this service is now available right at Brandywine Hall?”


Genesis HealthCare is dedicated to improving the lives we touch through the delivery of high-quality healthcare and everyday compassion.

For More Information

For more information, contact Brandywine Hall, at (610) 696-3120 or visit Brandywine Hall is located at 800 W. Miner Street, West Chester, PA 19382.

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About Concerto Renal Services 

Concerto provides in-house dialysis services to more nursing home residents than any other provider in America. Concerto’s compassionate and innovative model of three-times-weekly hemodialysis delivers enhanced technology and human capital to a nursing home resident’s doorstep. Founded by nursing home operators who grew frustrated with the quality of in-house dialysis care and the risks of transporting patients offsite to dialyze, Concerto Renal Services began in 2015 with a vision of “Giving Life to People on Dialysis.

Concerto operates in Illinois, Maryland, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. Concerto is also launching operations in several additional states. Learn more at or reach out to